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Fishers Download Page

These files are the latest info on hand.

Everyone needs this

This is a combined document that all candidates and sponsors need to be familiar with. It explains our approach to determining who is ready to ask for the sacraments of initiation. The "27 questions" can be found here!

Download EveryoneNeedsThis121028.pdf


 NEW 1/12/2014! This download contains details about our Jan. 26, 2014 retreat at Holy Name Retreat Center. Please download the document for details about the retreat. You can also view a slide show presenting various scenes of Holy Name Retreat Center taken on previous retreats. Please give the slide show time to download.

Download Retreat_Announce_14.pdf

Examination of Conscience

To help you prepare to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation, the Fathers of Mercy have developed a handy folt-out pamphlet. They have given permission for us to post this on our web site. Download the document and print it on legal size paper, double sided, to make your own handy pamphlet. Or, you can just read it as-is.

Download examine_conscience_pamphlet.pdf

Parish Ministries

St. Thomas More has many organizations and ministries. By clicking this link you can view an image of our handout brochure to see which ones you may be interested in and get the contact information for each of the.

Latin Crib Sheet

This two page PDF tells you what you need to know to do the latin (and Greek) responses we use at St. Thomas More during Mass. Includes explanation PLUS phonetic pronunciation guide.

Download Latin_and_Greek_Phrases_at_Mass.pdf

Bible History Chart

New 9/26/2010! This is a history chart showing major events in Bible lands from about 1,500 BCE to about 200 BCE. It is in full color and sufficiently high resolution that you could make a high quality print. Viewing on screen is possible but your satisfaction will depend on your computer's display size and resolution.

Download Time Line Composite.jpg

Chronology of the Bible

List of ALL the books of the Bible in the estimated order in which they happened. It is a good checklist for reading the whole Bible.

Download Chronology of the Bible.pdf

Bible Comparison

This PDF shows a side-by-side comparison of four popular translations of English Bibles: NAB, NJB, NRSV, TEV. You can compare how each translation renders 3 well-known passages: The Creation; Psalm 23; Prologue to John. This can help you choose which Bible translation you like to read.

Download Bible Comparison.pdf

Rosary Guide

Updated 8/10/2014. This download offers the most complete set of instructions available anywhere that we know of. If your printer supports booklet printing you can print your own handy-dandy resource for praying the rosary.

Download the-complete-rosary-guide.pdf

Attend Kairos Closing

If you would like to attend the closing ceremony for the upcoming Kairos weekend, please download this form. You should discuss the form with Deacon Ed before you send it in, and he may need to "sign off" on it for you. NOTE: The form changes each time there is a Kairos weekend. Check the date on the form to be sure you have the one for the upcoming Kairos.

Download Closing Application.pdf