RCIA General Schedule 2/1/15 12:22
St. Thomas More Houston, Texas
Date Liturgy Topic Rites Notes
Su 01/25/15 3rd Sun. Ord. Retreat "all day"   All day (8-4) off site retreat. Details TBA.
Su 02/01/15 4th Sun. Ord. Jesus as Prophet, Teacher, and Lord    
Su 02/08/15 5th Sun. Ord. The Problem of Evil    
Su 02/15/15 6th Sun. Ord. Grace    
We 02/18/15 Ash Wednesday No Class   Attend Mass, receive ashes on forehead.
Su 02/22/15 1 Lent Baptismal Covenant Rite of Sending at 9 AM. Rite of Election with bishop later, TBA. Manditory for those coming into the Church at Easter and sponsors. Rite of Sending. See separate "P & E" schedule
Su 03/01/15 2 Lent Sacrifice   See separate "P & E" schedule
Su 03/08/15 3 Lent The Ten Commandments   See separate "P & E" schedule
Su 03/15/15 4 Lent Grace   See separate "P & E" schedule
Su 03/22/15 5 Lent Christian Prayer   See separate "P & E" schedule
Su 03/29/15 Passion Sunday The Gift of Perseverance   See separate "P & E" schedule
Tu 03/31/15 Chrism Mass At Co-Cathedral   Attend this if possible. It is in the evening.
Th 04/02/15 Lord's Supper Evening Mass @ STM   Attend this if possible. It is in the evening.
Fr 04/03/15 Good Friday Very special liturgy   Attend this if possible. I starts at 3 PM in the church.
Sa 04/04/15 Holy Saturday Preparation for Vigil   Special final prep before coming into the church in the evening. Includes rehearsal. 8 AM to about 11. Mandatory for candidates and sponsors. Easter Vigil Mass, reception into the Church, starts about 8:30 PM.
Su 04/05/15 1 Easter On the Third Day he Rose Again, in Fulfillment of the Scriptures    
Su 04/12/15 Divine Mercy The Challenge of Peace / Divine Mercy    
Su 04/19/15 3 Easter Evangelization (Bearing Witness)    
Su 04/26/15 4 Easter Trinity    
Su 05/03/15 5 Easter The Church as Body of Christ    
Su 05/10/15 6 Easter Love, the Soul of an Apostolate    
Su 05/17/15 7 Easter (Ascension of the Lord) Christ Has Died, Christ Is Risen, Christ Will Come Again    
Su 05/24/15 Pentecost The Holy Spirit and Confirmation    
Su 05/31/15 Holy Trinity The Holy Trinity    
Su 06/07/15 The Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi) The Real Presence    
Su 06/14/15 11th Sun. Ord. The Church and the Kingdom of God    
Su 06/21/15 12th Sun. Ord. The Power of God    
Su 06/28/15 13th Sun. Ord. Sanctity of Human Life    
Su 07/05/15 14th Sun. Ord. Prophecy    
Su 07/12/15 15th Sun. Ord. Election and Mission    
Su 07/19/15 16th Sun. Ord. Pastoral Ministry in the Church    
Su 07/26/15 17th Sun. Ord. Unity of the Church and Ecumenism    
Su 08/02/15 18th Sun. Ord. Eucharistic Celebration    
Su 08/09/15 19th Sun. Ord. Eucharist as Sacrifice and Sacrament    
Su 08/16/15 20th Sun. Ord. The Continuing Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist    
Su 08/23/15 21st Sun. Ord. Faith    
Su 08/30/15 22nd Sun. Ord. Principles of Morality    
Su 09/06/15 23rd Sun. Ord. Catholic Social Teaching (Part I)    
Su 09/13/15 24th Sun. Ord. What Is a Profession of Faith    
Su 09/20/15 25th Sun. Ord. The Call to Service    
Su 09/27/15 26th Sun. Ord. Catholic Social Teaching (Part II)    
Su 10/04/15 27th Sun. Ord. Marriage, Divorce, and Annulment    
Su 10/11/15 28th Sun. Ord. Word of God / Revelation    
Su 10/18/15 29th Sun. Ord. Redemption by Christ's Suffering    
Su 10/25/15 30th Sun. Ord. Holy Orders and the Common Priesthood of the Baptized    
Su 11/01/15 All Saints The Communion of Saints    
Su 11/08/15 32nd Sun. Ord. Stewardship    
Su 11/15/15 33rd Sun. Ord. Final Judgement    
Su 11/22/15 Christ the King Christ the King / Liturgical Year / Advent    
Su 11/29/15 1st Sun. Advent He will come again in glory.    
Su 12/06/15 2nd Sun. Advent Through the prophets you taught us to hope for salvation.    
Su 12/13/15 3rd Sun. Advent Moral conversion prepares for the coming of Christ.    
Su 12/20/15 4th Sun. Advent The coming of Christ in the flesh.    
Fr 12/25/15 Christmas Holy Day of Obligation. No Class    
Su 12/27/15 Holy Family OFF - No Class    
Fr 01/01/16 Mary, Mother of God Holy Day of Obligation. No Class.