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Mailing Lists


We communicate with each other through the use of email listservers. A message sent to one of the lists will automatically be sent to all members of the list. To prevent unwanted nuisance messages (spam), messages will only be allowed by members of the list. To join a list, Deacon Ed will have to approve the request.

Lists will be set up according to the need. Be aware that persons may belong to more than one list, so choose the list you send to carefully.

  • To send a subscription request, send any old email to listname-subscribe@stmfishers.org (replace "listname" with the actual list name - see the table below).
  • To unsubscribe from a list, send any old email to listname-unsubscribe@stmfishers.org.
  • For information on other requests you can make, send any old email to listname-help@stmfishers.org.
  • To send a message to all members of the list, send your message to listname@stmfishers.org.
Some folks use more than one email address. All messages sent to the listserver must be sent from the email address you are or wish to be subscribed under. If you want to receive messages at more than one email address, you will have to subscribe to each list from each email address you want to use.

To protect your privacy, our listserver will not allow you to obtain a list of members or email addresses. However, when you send an email to the list, the message will appear to come from you. Anyone who receives the message can hit "reply" to send you an email. Hitting "reply all" will send an email to everyone on the list.

Here is a list of our present listservers, and a general description of who will be allowed to join the list:

 Listname Membership conditions
 coreteamThis list is for catechists, those who make presentations on a regular basis, facilitate setting up hospitality, regularly participate in the inquiry group.
 allteamAnyone eligible for the coreteam list, PLUS: sponsors (whether or not actively sponsoring), adjunct team presenters (occasionally give presentations)
Anyone who is an inquirer, in the catechumenate, mystagogy, recent graduate, and selected team members.
Anyone who is involved in the "Purification and Enlightenment" stage. This includes the Elect, Candidates for Full Communion, and team members.

Future lists to be announced as needed.