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What do I need to do to "be ready"?

This is like the question, "How long does it take?" Except, being ready is a situation, not a time. If your situation indicates you are ready, you are ready!

The most common reasons a person is not ready include the following.

  • Have not learned enough about the faith I intend to profess.
  • Have not developed a relationship with God through prayer.
  • Am not participating in the worship services with my community.
  • I am not involved in the community life of the parish (active in various groups, especially service groups).
  • There is a marriage situation that has not been resolved. Previous or present marriages have issues that have to be handled appropriately before you can be received into the Catholic Church.
  • Documents. There could be missing documents regarding baptism, confirmation, marriage, etc.
  • Do your sponsor and team leaders think you are ready? Readiness is a joint decision.
  • There could be other reasons not mentioned above.
The journey of faith process is lifelong, and the beginning (initiation) should not be rushed. When you are ready, all of the above items will be in place. Be patient. God is patient with you.