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This page will lead you to collections of photos or other images.

St. Thomas More Catholic Church in Houston, Texas, has an unique set of stained glass windows that depict St. Thomas More, "A Man For All Seasons." The four windows, beginning with West, then North, East, and South, depict various aspects of this remarkable saint. Two collections of photos have been provided. Click on the collection you want to peruse.

Collection 1. Photographed by Ron Chambers. This collection shows the inside of the church in various directions and give the viewer a sense of "being there."

Collection 2. Photographed by Deacon Ed Stoessel. The purpose of this collection is to show each window in its entirety and to explain the meaning of the images. This was accomplished by piecing together more than one photograph to make it possible to see the entire window at sufficiently large scale to see the details.

The two combined give an excellent presentation of this unique architectural and artistic feature not found elsewhere. Enjoy!