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Please select the schedule you want to see: (Before you do, Refresh this page and the schedule when you see it!)

RCIA General ScheduleNote: Updated 2/1/2015.
RCIA Team Assignments Schedule. Note: Updated 5/12/2015.
RCIA P&E ScheduleNote: Updated 2/22/2015.

Notes concerning the schedules:
  • The schedules are updated typically following a team meeting. Team meeting schedule has changed, so team members need to monitor the online schedule but also be tuned into possible meeting changes announced via email. Updates will be posted more frequently as the need arises.
  • You can print the schedules. It is probably helpful to print them with your page setting set to landscape orientation.
  • Keep in mind that your printed schedule may not be the latest. When you really need to know, return to this web site.
  • There is a color coding that should help you identify things more easily, as follows.
    • Sunday dates are displayed in black.
    • Other days of the week are "unusual" and so they are colored in red.
    • Some items need emphasis because they are important. Those items may be colored in red also.
  • The schedule also shows events that are of general interest in addition to RCIA scheduled activities. Examples of such items are Holy Days of Obligation.