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STM Fishers Member Forum

This is a "members only" forum. It is a place where members can share ideas, ask questions, make suggestions, etc. The primary reason that it is "members only" is to make it much more difficult for Internet trouble-makers to muscle their way in and post their spam.

To become a member and begin using the forum, send an email to Deacon Ed or use the "Contact Us" link to the left. He needs your "real name" and your email address. If you are not already known to him, please also state your reason you wish to join the forum. He then manually sets up your account and you get an email informing you that it is done. All this can take some time.

Video Demo

Deacon Ed created a ~12 minute instructional video of the process of registering and initial interaction with the Forum. The part about how to register no longer applies, since membership is now set up manually. The video is most definitely not the best work, but it may be helpful nonetheless. It was done with screen captures and
unrehearsed audio comments put together to make a slide show with audio commentary. For best play, it is suggested that you download the 85 megabyte mp4 video file and play it from your hard drive.

Take me to the forum now. (Do this only if you already have set up your membership account. This will take you to the login screen.)

(Download and) watch the video introduction.