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Ways you can get involved with Christian ministry outreach:

Parish Social Ministries


Parish Social Ministries focus on both charity and justice, on both assistance and advocacy. Many such ministries are active at STM, with daytime, evening or weekend activities available to you. Tell us what your interest or experience is and when you have time to offer. We will try to put you in touch with those ministry leaders who can tell you more about their particular charism and how you can get involved. To contact the parish social ministries team, click on the link below. Be sure to select "Parish Social Ministries" in the TO line of the form.

Prison Ministry Outreach


Bake cookies for our upcoming "Kairos Walk" weekend retreat. You need to get the current information from Deacon Ed before you begin this project. For weekend dates, and to learn some more about Kairos at the Darrington prison unit, you may wish to visit the web site. For detailed information, click on the cookie project link below.

Attend the closing ceremony for the upcoming Kairos weekend at Darrington. To do this, you need to get your application form submitted through  Deacon Ed Stoessel. The application form is available by going to our Download page [or  to the Kairos-Darrington web site. Follow the link to "Forms" and select the "Closing Application."]

You can pray for the men who will make the Kairos weekend and let them know you are praying for them. You can do this anonymously through Deacon Ed Stoessel. Let him know you would like to do this.

Cookie baking project

Justice for Immigrants


Justice for Immigrants is a program promoted by Cardinal DiNardo, many religious leaders throughout the greater Houston area, and extending to concerned religious leaders nationwide. The goal is to promote comprehensive immigration reform legislation that respects the human dignity of all persons while addressing legitimate public concerns concerning immigration. The US Conference of Catholic Bishops have issued documents concerning the immigrant issue. Our parish is developing a local response to the teaching of the Catholic Church in this area. If you are interested in further information, please contact Deacon Ed via the Contact Us link.