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Church Documents


 Church Documents

On this page you can download selected church documents. The documents available through this web page are the same as available through official church sources, such as the US Council of Catholic Bishops. What is available on this page is additional "user friendliness." Documents posted here are done on a case-by-case basis. When Deacon Ed finds a document he wants to browse or print in a more interactive way, he will re-create a document with those features and post it here for anyone who wants to have access.

The most common "additions" to the officially published documents are the available of using a linked table of contents in a PDF browser. This enables a reader to find the part of the document that is of particular interest and immediately go to the page of interest.

Click on the link to the document to download it.

 GIRMThe "General Instruction on the Roman Missal." This is a tabbed PDF browser version of the original.
 Redemptionis SacramentumThis document is an encyclical letter written by Pope John Paul, II. It concerns the manner of celebration of Holy Mass and norms for the distribution of Holy Communion. This version has a tabbed PDF browser.
 USCCB-Bread and WineA document published by the USCCB that specifies the church rules concerning the use of bread and wine for the celebration of the Eucharist. It deals with problems that arise because of gluten and/or alcohol intolerance.